MArketing Guru

Imagine having a crafty friend to guide you as you grow your business. Our Marketing Guru can help you organize your current projects, elevate your big picture thinking, provide guidance, and help you explore strategic development options for your marketing goals.

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Borrow our third eye to complete your brand’s vision with a Social Solstice Branding + Marketing plan. Get an in-depth review of your current status as a written evaluation and recommendations on how to update your current materials. Our Vision spells out a specific course of action to follow for your next 6 months, plus a follow up review to make sure you’re ready to roll and answer any questions you may have.


Team up with a Marketing Sage to execute projects and sharpen your tactics. Our expertise in technology and systems will streamline workflow for your tribe. Take control by formulating your own recipe for success by concocting combinations through our Branding + Marketing services for what you want when you need it.


Social Solstice also offers hourly consulting with our Gurus. Keep in mind, you’ll enjoy a stellar discount on consulting plans when you commit to Solstice intervals of 3, 6, and 12 months.